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    • • Added a unique challenge/captcha handler for users to solve, long time spent on it and required some hacks to make it work properly. Once you are challenged, Hackemon will display a window pop up showing the captcha for you to solve (using its own browser/renderer), once you've completed the challenge and press 'Verify' Hackemon will automatically intercept the network traffic and grab the required token for validation and notify the niantic server, incase the response back from niantic was success , bot will continue its task normally, otherwise it'll close current popup and display another challenge
        Walking now allows you to set "Minimum different pokestops to be visited before visiting the same one again" so that it prevents walking only across limited amount of pokestops(as some reported it walking only between 2 pokestops and ignoring the rest), while it still sorts the pokestops by shortest distance.
        Added an option in the Pokemon inventory tab to disable "Auto refresh" and manual refresh the inventory as requested.
        Updated ball picking logic so that it prioritize the fittest ball based on the pokemon's CP, however if it ran out of pokemon balls it will still use other balls most fitting the current situation.
        Fixed a bug where it still attempt to encounter some pokemons when it doesnt have any pokeballs left which made it enter an infinite attempt loop in some cases.
        Fixed a bug where the "Clear Last Saved Location" button didn't actually work.   Thanks for all the reports & suggestions, will continue to implement current and future suggestions in the next updates, as well as sort out any bugs.
    • Fixed slow walking issue in the last update that appeared as a result of full incubation/hatching support.
    • Hackemon 2.05 

      • Added Smart Interactive Items Inventory (you can recycle and use x amount of items at once, it knows what you can recycle and use, and only show use buttons when you are able to use the item)
      • Added Interactive Eggs Inventory (you can view all current eggs and their progress of incubation , as you can also incubate non-incubated eggs)
      • Added Captcha handling (will post a vid explaining how to do it shortly)
      • Added pokemon renaming
      • Added pokemon buddy set
      • Fixed a bug where it uses greatballs forcely
      • Fixed Egg incubation & Hatching, now should incubate with infinite incubator and automatically hatch the pokemon.
      • Catch log is now sorted by timestamp (latest catch shows on top).
      • Pokemons sprites in pokemon tab are replaced by cool animated sprites =)
    • Yessssss!  Its back! up and running on the latest API, time to continue the genius plans we had! what's in the current update? Besides big API changes to make it run safely with latest API: Added tutorial auto completion. Pokemon Inventory now shows nicknamed pokemons. what's being worked on? Re-captcha challenge handling (been done mostly, i haven't gotten one so far, that's why i didn't enable it until i test it) Inventory pokemon renaming. Inventory Pokemon setting as "buddy" PS: Update from github or re-downloadt as Zip since now it uses the newest Google Proto library v 3.1
    • Fixed v 2.02 odd functionalities caused by the code obfuscator and not the bot itself, which was causing strange functionality, now should work smooth hopefully, i remind you of v 2.02 fixes: Hackemon 2.02 Fixed Item Recycling bug in which it omitted the value written in spinner and recyces all items of a certain type, and now prints items left of that type in chat after recycle. Added modify button to Item Recycler so you can re-edit its value. Stardust value now updates as it should. Added Pokemons and Items curr/max count in stats panel.
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